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0.9.0 (2024-01-24)

Please check out interested PRs for details, the docs page hasn’t been updated yet.

Features ✨

  • add the nested extensible configurations (85a55a1)
  • add the aliases field (#82) (3c5af67)
  • add the collection _weight parameter for sorting (#98) (7db2bd1)
  • add the expiry date field (#86) (3197a60)
  • add the lastmod field (188406f)
  • add the linkTitle field (feb7816)
  • add the meta_path extensible configuration (a673561)
  • add the noindex field (#87) (41ec978)
  • add the summary field (255cba9)
  • add the weight field (afc0a00)
  • allow configurations nested extending (#93) (cdc00c9)
  • local JS script is prefered, unless the decap_cms.js_url is specified (#94) (3d37461)
  • translate collection labels (#99) (5ff085d)
  • translate field labels via Hugo i18n (#81) (fdb68d6)

Bug Fixes 🐞

  • correct extended configuration merging when fields are in type array (7c87ebc)
  • correct fields weight for sorting (d2a0a1c)
  • correct the i18n for images field (554467f)
  • correct the UI locale for Chinese (#77) (7a8363a)
  • i18n: translate the meta.path.label (96d1bbf)
  • override extensible configuration parameters (#97) (d2a0a1c)
  • set default i18n attribute for fields (#78) (c8a5cc2)
  • set expiryDate field default vaule as empty (8998c69)
  • translate subfields label (#95) (27349b2)
  • update LICENSE (8f948df)
  • use current site language as the default i18n.default_locale (#100) (a3e0c06)
  • use language codes as locales as is (#75) (272c9a2)