New web site features

Registered users now will find a new menu item in the left-side navigation bar: Community, which lists the names of currently registered community members and links to their personal information page.

Additionally, each registered user now may upload an iconographic picture to render posts more personal. click on your "My Account" link in the left-side navigation bar, click on "edit" and scroll down to the upload picture box.

Accordingly, the top-level menu has changed and now shows a link to the sitewide contact form which allows you to post to the site's administrators. It also now features a link to the News and announcements forum.

Please also note that certain features, e. g., requesting a new password, now require to fill in an extra captcha box for security reasons.

Last but not least, the "My Account" section now features two new submenus under "Edit": one is called "Open Model" which lets you enter additional information about your relationships to the initiative. The information will be shown on you personal information page as well — and you can look for other community members who shared events etc. with you. The second submenu is called "Personal information" and lets you enter your full name, link to your homepage and more.

... and BTW, now you may change your user name ;-)