Methods in Quality Management

The presented model contains process and data-models of existing quality management methods (currently 8D and 5S). The language used is ARIS and the models are available online:

The models including the online presentation has been created using the (meta-) modelling tool Cubetto Toolset. For watching and modifying the model, feel free to download the tool.

License Information (Model)

Use and modify the model given here as you like. If you have questions and remarks feel free to join the open model community and post your comments here.

License Information (Tool)

There is a free license when using ARIS only. If you want to use other modelling languages as well, you can ask for a free academic license. Please contact Technische Universität Dresden, Lehrstuhl für Wirtschaftsinformatik, insbes. Systementwicklung for further information.

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