E³ Meta-Models

This entry contains several models using the E³ Notation. The E³-Notation is part of the E³ methode which is itself a method for method engineering. The E³ method was developed by Steffen Greiffenberg at Technische Universität Dresden, Lehrstuhl für Wirtschaftsinformatik, insbes. Systementwicklung. For more information have a look at the E³-meta-meta-model or read the cited literatur.

All of the meta-models presented here can be used as input for the (meta-)modeling tool Cubetto Toolset. Just import the associated .etz file and run the E³-Plugin to use the described modeling language for modeling.


Greiffenberg, S.: Methodenentwicklung in Wirtschaft und Verwaltung. Dr. Kovac, Hamburg, 2004

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