Bugzilla available / reasonable?


while uploading several models into the repository I recognized several bugs / problems / enhancements. Is there a bug-tracking system (e.g bugzilla) available for the repository? And if not - does it make sense to set up one or shall we post hints here in the forum?


Bugtracking and enhancements

Dear Jens,

the content management system which openmodel.org is running on has implemented a bug-track system by default. So far we have not recognized any bugs or problems that have not been monitored by this feature, and thus I think the build-in module is sufficient for our needs (at least until now).

But although system messages like errors are tracked, we often do not know about the specific context of these errors.

In order to improve the model repository, I suggest you post any incidents, problems, or ideas for enhancements in this forum so we can discuss them in public.

Concerning some aspects you mentioned by mail, here some additional information:

1/ The file upload (attachments) is restricted to certain file extensions. We added *.etz.

2/ An interface to import data for the repository from an external source is currently not available. But if you are interested we could collaboratively investigate into a solution.

In advance
David Heise
Open Model Initiative
Website Administration Team

Problems and Suggestions

Hi David,

thank for the adding .etz files to the upload area.

Concerning the problems / enhancements:

1. Adding/editing a model using the template: Section "Relationships to other open models" contains a list displaying only the name of the model. If there are models with equal names, it is impossible to select the right one.

--> Suggestion: Maybe it is possible to display also the repository path (model.submode.subsubmodel)

2. Adding/editing a model using the template: Section "Name of model owner" and "Affiliation of model owner". It would be nice, if the owner and affiliation is selected automatically using the login.


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