Data model for research group web site

This data model represents the underlying structure of the database-oriented Web site of the research group Information Systems and Enterprise Modelling, University Duisburg-Essen.

The data model of our research group is represented in three parts:
1. organisation and content: including group membership and personal Web site contents
2. research: including publications, research projects, conferences, and organisations (network)
3. teaching: including curriculum, courses, seminars and theses

The corresponding information system for inserting and updating Web site information is intended for knowledgeable users. Certain modelling decisions were taken under this assumption allowing a more flexible system, e.g. the ability to represent advisors or lecturers, which are no members of the research group.
Additionally, since the objective was to implement the model with reasonable effort some rather pragmatic modelling decisions were made. There are some elements which are deliberately not modelled in more detail in order to reduce the complexity of programming the insert, update and display functions (e.g. „Title“, „SeminarSupervisor“).

Graphical represenation of the model: 
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